With a curious and restless mind, she has always enriched her formation with work and performances throughout her career. She has a Higher Degree in Dance Pedagogy awarded by the "María de Ávila" Higher Conservatory of Dance in Madrid, a Master's Degree in Performing Arts and a BA in Audiovisual Communication.

After beginning her dance training in Bilbao, she moved to Malaga where she studied with Susana Lupiáñez "La Lupi", and later to Seville and Madrid enjoying numerous masters such as Andrés. Marín and Rafael de Carmen among others.

Her dance is defined as the most traditional flamenco, however, her restlessness and interest in renewal allow her to explore and test other codes through elegant and subtle movement, but also impetuous and lively at the same time.

In 2019 she created his company and since then she has produced two works, which are still active today. The first of them, “Burdina-Hierro”, premiered in 2019 and made in collaboration with the musician Beñat Achiary, has been programmed at the Teatro Español in Madrid and was nominated for a candidature at the XXIV MAX Awards for Best New Show and Best Authorship. Revelation. In 2020 he premieres “ÉCLAT”, a work nominated for a nomination at the XXV MAX Awards in the categories of Best Choreography, Best New Show and Best Costume Design.And in November 2022 his third work, "ZARRA", has been premiered at the Arriaga Theater in Bilbao.

She combines projects with tablaos and company performances at a national and international level. In 2016 she is part of the cast of the show "Flamenco Hoy" by Carlos Saura. In 2019, she is a component of the immersive theater show based in Madrid, “Tacones Manoli”, directed by Felype de Lima and choreographed by Manuel Liñán. She also works in tablaos such as Casa Patas, Café de Chinitas, Torres Bermejas, among others. She is currently part of “Solera” by Cía Paco Peña, premiered at Sadler's Wells Theater in London in April 2022.

One of the main objectives of her works is to promote, from co-creation and interdisciplinary participation, the approach of new audiences to the performing arts. Different forms of awareness are sought in order to promote a social purpose, keeping music and dance as the main vehicle.

In 2020, together with D8 Sorkuntza Faktoria, begins the development of a creation factory , a center linked to dance and located in Bilbao, which promotes synergies between artists, the creation of new audiences and generates a community around dance.