Artistic-Social Project


Educational program combines art and pedagogy in favor of freedom of sexual expression. It influences student criticism, identity constructions, our freedom of expression, our way of relating and linking up... raising awareness of the influence of fashion in our lives and motivating young people to approach the performing arts. The methodology is based on proactive and experiential dynamics: body movement, cooperative emotional games, debates and theoretical explanations, role playings...using material resources and fragments of the show “ÉCLAT. Fragment detached from a body that explodes” by Cía Adriana Bilbao; supporting the elements and aspects dealt with in the explanations. This project is the result of the interdisciplinary collaboration of three promoters: Cía Adriana Bilbao, Bizigay and D8 Sorkuntza Faktoria.

Bilbao Flamenco Faktoria arise with the idea of ​​promoting the Performing Arts, Dance and Flamenco, supporting the character of the company's artistic and social project. From BFF a tablao flamenco program is carried out and flamenco workshops and meetings with leading artists are organized annually; In addition, general classes and courses are taught by the bailaora Adriana Bilbao.

The company Adriana Bilbao works with the D8 Sorkuntza Faktoria Association to set up a center that promotes the creation, training, promotion and programming of performing arts, especially those linked to dance. This space located in Zorroza (Bilbao), has an 8m x 9m dance classroom and a 9m x 6m stage and this year 2021 has begun its activity. 

D8SF aims to establish the germ of a cultural model, as a space capable of creating a community within dance, that encourages interactions between professionals, that helps the emancipation of dance companies and, in general, the empowerment of this entire sector.